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Why Should You Choose a Leather Sofa?

If you’re looking for something new to spice up your home but don’t want the hassle of redecorating, why not choose a new sofa to invigorate and reenergise your home?

A new sofa is one of the easiest ways to give your living room a new lease of life but you may be stuck on what type of sofa to buy. Should you choose fabric or leather? And if leather, why?


 1. Leather Sofas Last

Leather sofas are known to last. They can withstand even the most severe stains and spills and still look lovely and fresh the very next day (with a little tender loving care, of course!).

Of course, with a range of synthetic materials out there – would a leather-look sofa not work just as well? Well no.  Experts’ say that a leather sofa can last as much as four times longer than non-leather and because of its natural properties, it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear as easily. Plus, when it’s as easy as wiping dirt away with a damp cloth, why would you choose anything else?

 2. Leather Sofas Are High Quality

We all like to wear leather shoes and have leather wallets, purses and belts. Why? Because they are considered to be high quality! There’s nothing quite like the feel of a leather couch and it exudes luxury no matter where you put it.


 3. Leather is Versatile

You can put a leather settee almost anywhere and it would look perfect. Whether you have a traditional home decorated in a classic style or a modern, contemporary and polished home. The beauty of leather sofa’s is that there are so many types out there that fit into an assortment of spaces – whether it’s an antique treasure trove, a gentleman’s club, a boudoir or even a bachelor pad!

 4. Leather is Great for Allergy Sufferers

Leather is hypoallergenic which means it’s great for those who suffer from allergies. Leather doesn’t harbour the nasties such as dust mites, pet hair and other airborne allergens which fabric sofas can and so many allergy sufferers prefer to ease their symptoms with leather.

5. Leather is Oh-So Comfortable

There’s nothing quite like falling into a comfortable leather couch after a hard day’s graft! Whilst fabric and other synthetic options lose their shape over time, leather absorbs and releases moisture quickly and so it feels comfortable to the touch for longer. In fact, it actually gets softer and more supple over time meaning it looks more inviting as time goes on!


6. The Cost!

Whilst most people think that a leather sofa is going to cost the earth, it’s simply not true. Historically, leather was a more expensive buy than traditional fabric sofas however as time has progressed it has almost equalled in cost to the price of a synthetic option. Initially, the cost may still appear higher but because leather is designed to last for years, it’s likely that it will last you longer than a fabric sofa would and so, essentially, it’s much more likely to be better value for money!

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