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Whether you’re looking for a bespoke piece of traditionally styled leather furniture or you’re sourcing wholesale furniture for your own store, Winchester have been hand crafting fine leather furniture for so long that you can be sure you’ve found the perfect place to find exactly what you want.

The Winchester master craftsmen and women use the very same techniques of sofa manufacture that were used over a century ago; after all, if something isn’t broken then why fix it? And when we’re not bound by modern production lines and manufacturing processes we’re truly free to create masterpieces, no matter what piece you’re looking for.

We’ve been manufacturing leather furniture to the highest specification for a long time, and in recent years demand for our craft has bloomed – particularly for the quintessential English Chesterfield sofa.  Winchester is more than fortunate to have skilled craftsmen and women with a lifetime of experience passing on their skills to younger apprentices, especially as our business grows.

The Internet has made things even easier for Winchester; we now serve customers in Europe and America, and even further afield. The heritage of the Chesterfield and similar styles may be British, but there’s call for our luxury craft in all corners of the world.

It’s an exciting time for Winchester. We’re moving past the days of simply manufacturing and selling to our own customers; there’s a whole world of consumers looking for the highest quality leather furniture, and we want to supply it to them. And for this we need you.

We’re scouting for furniture drop shippers and re-sale agents looking for a wholesaler capable of supplying the highest quality leather furniture at competitive prices. Whether you own your own business with a physical store or you’re an online retailer looking for someone to fulfill your orders your search is over; Winchester’s dedicated furniture wholesale team is waiting to hear from you today!

Regardless of why you’re visiting Winchester, we can guarantee you’ll struggle to find a higher caliber of leather furniture manufacture specialising in the British Chesterfield sofa. A carefully selected beech wood frame and the finest leather hides come as standard with each of our masterpieces, whether they’re for our retail or wholesale customers.

Winchester is certainly a name you can trust in the world of traditional leather furniture.

"From the Craftsman to the Customer"