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  • 17th November 2018
  • It’s a question we’ve been asked many times, ‘how long should you own a sofa for?’ and whilst, with other household items, there’s a definite benchmark – no such benchmark exists for sofas and so the answer is a little hazier.
    12th April 2017
  • With the latest Beauty and the Beast motion picture the must-see movie of the moment; we prepare to fall in love with Belle and the Beast (and who could forget Maurice?!) on 17th March all over again.

    20th March 2017
  • If you’re looking for something new to spice up your home but don’t want the hassle of redecorating, why not choose a new sofa to invigorate and reenergise your home?
    23rd February 2017
  • Winchester Leather is the UK’s leading manufacturer of fine leather furniture, in particular the Chesterfield, using the very same traditional techniques used over a hundred years ago. And we need you.
    30th June 2015
  • What to do before you give some one away.
    27th June 2013
  • Winchester for England, designed and hand made for more of our sportier folk!
    26th June 2013
  • You spend a significant portion of your daily life at work, whether you work in an office or from home.
    18th June 2013
  • Luxurious comfort, attention to detail and sumptuous fabric upholstery are combined to make a stunning choice for any home.
    18th June 2013
  • Real Leather is full of natural charac­te­ristics, the classical finished look, together with its soft textured feel gives hours of endless pleasure. All our staff pride themselves in having captured the complete fullness of real leather, along with its looks which are sure to give delight and the maturity of the leather as it ages will give you satisfaction for many years to come.
    9th May 2013
  • Leather has been used by man since the dawn of time and now in the age of the modem techno world we continue to do so.
    9th May 2013
  • Leather and wood are the only materials that get better and more luxurious with age. No other material is so durable as leather, it is easy to care for and natural. Because leather "breathes," it won't pick up on surrounding room temperatures, whether too cold or too hot. As your leather furniture matures it will crease and soften to look better and become more comfortable the more you use it. Inevitably there are variations in the grain and texture, these are not faults but help to show the authenticity of the real thing .
    8th May 2013
  • Complete customer satisfaction is a matter of pride here at Winchester therefore we offer three guarantees for total piece of mind:

    8th May 2013
  • Over a period of time all leather will be inclined to stretch, this may lead to the opening of the pleats, do not worry it is not a fault, it is a common occurrence especially in deep buttoned cushioned upholstery.

    8th May 2013
  • Our furniture is constructed to very high standards from carefully selected materials.

    8th May 2013
  • The ever increasing demand for change in lifestyle.
    1st May 2013
  • The Value of Our Brand Truly Represents the Finest English Furniture

    24th April 2013
  • “ My passion is for English Traditional furniture which I’m proud to bring to China”
    19th April 2013
  • Beautifully upholstered in our New Range of fabric's creating the ultimate in comfort and English style.
    18th April 2013
  • New Piccadilly Design for 2013
    Only a handful of people still have the skills required to hand colour and dye leather crust hides. For Hand Coloured leather, it is necessary to use a thicker crust hide than would be used in normal machine dying. Firstly the piece of furniture is upholstered fully using the leather crust, and at this stage the leather is uncoloured . Next the leather is applied the coloured dyes of your choosing by gently rubbing which stimulates the structure of the hide so the dyes can be absorb.

    18th April 2013
  • Our children’s collection of leather sofas is already proving to be a huge hit with many of our customers. It is important that children feel safe and comfortable within their bedroom and a great way of doing this is by adding little special touches.

    In addition to adding special touches to your children’s bedroom you can also add that special touch to their Imogen High Chair Chesterfield in that you can have their name engraved on the side for just £40 extra.

    16th April 2013

  • Only a handful of people still have the skills required to hand dye and finish leather hides. For this kind of leather, it is necessary to use a natural full grain aniline cow hide. A thicker hide than would be used in normal machine operated dyeing and finishing processes, used in large tanneries. Firstly the piece of furniture is upholstered fully, using the natural aniline leather and at this stage the leather is uncoloured. After upholstery is completed, the leather is applied with natural dyes, oils and waxes, to obtain the natural feel and texture of traditionally hand finished leather. The result is a unique product, finished in the old traditional way. And has a patina that tannery finished leather can not match.
    16th April 2013
  • With so many leather sofas on the market currently it is sometimes hard to distinguish between man-made leather sofas and real leather sofas. Real leather chesterfield sofas like the ones at Winchester are noticeably higher in price however, do not be fooled by high prices! Knowing how to identify a real leather sofa can make sure you don’t pay over the odds for fake leather sofa.
    28th March 2012
  • There are many people looking for traditional leather sofas and for interior designers who want a traditional English theme then sourcing of furniture is extremely important. If you are looking for a traditional leather sofa then look no further than Winchester. We are the leading suppliers of high quality, British made chesterfield sofas.
    27th March 2012
  • Many people choose to purchase a leather sofa as a lifetime investment and when they go looking they are drawn to Winchester leather sofas as they offer a traditional and British feel to their properties. But what happens when you have purchased your sofa and you would like to know what the methods of cleaning a leather sofa are?
    16th March 2012
  • When couples, families or any person is thinking about purchasing a leather sofa or a Winchester leather sofa there are a number of statements made by those around them. Although some of these are true many of them are in fact false and so Winchester are here to set our customers straight.
    16th March 2012
  • Looking at our various product ranges and seeing the stunning designs is one thing but sometimes our customers like to see the chesterfield sofa they are planning on purchasing in real life so they can touch it and imagine what it will look like in their own homes which is why we invite people to come to our showroom.
    6th March 2012
  • People are always looking for ways in which they can make their own mark on something or personalise a product in their own way. We specialise in the manufacture of the traditional chesterfield sofa but one aspect which we pride ourselves on is our bespoke chesterfields.
    5th March 2012
  • We wanted to create something that little bit different but with the same traditional manufacturing processes as our Empire Chesterfields and Majestic Chesterfields. After much thought we decided that we would start a children’s collection of sofas.
    16th February 2012
  • Leather sofas are modern, stylish and one of the most elegant types of furniture which you can have in your home. It can be modern, traditional and even retro which makes it extremely popular. At Winchester we offer our customers the traditional British Leather Furniture in particular the well known Chesterfield.
    16th February 2012