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Methods of Cleaning a Leather Sofa

Many people choose to purchase a leather sofa as a lifetime investment and when they go looking they are drawn to Winchester leather sofas as they offer a traditional and British feel to their properties. But what happens when you have purchased your sofa and you would like to know what the methods of cleaning a leather sofa are?

Winchester Leather has come up with some methods that customers who have purchased a Winchester sofa should adopt in order to prolong the life of their leather sofa:

Test Spot

Perhaps one of the more important points to bear in mind when cleaning your sofa what you need to do is test an area out of sight with the cleaning method you’re going to use. As it is out of sight and a test spot it shouldn’t matter too much if the cleaning method or indeed the cleaning supplies damage the leather because it will be well hidden out the way!

Spots and Spills

For anything minor like a spot or spill then you should wipe up any of the liquid up immediately using a dry, clean but highly absorbent cloth or sponge. You can use a specialised leather sofa cleaner providing you have tested this on a spot prior to usage in a main, visible area.  You should never soak the stain with water as many people do as this could cause more damage than the stain.

Cleaning Detergents and Disinfectants are a NO!

When cleaning your leather sofa then you shouldn’t use cleaning detergents and disinfectants on the leather. What you need to do is either purchase a leather care kit which will contain items suitable for use on leather however; we would still recommend a test spot first! Many customers make the mistake of treating it like a normal surface and using abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps and anti-bacterial sprays and these shouldn’t be used on a leather sofa.

Grease Stains Need Leaving Alone!

For any stain which is oily, greasy or maybe you simply dropped your toast and now there is butter on your sofa. All you need to do is wipe off the excess with a clean dry cloth and then leave it well alone! Yes that’s right leave the spot along because in actual fact the grease will dissipate into the leather soon after.

Scratches on the Leather Surface

When minor and slight scratches are present on the leather surface then you should use a clean finger and try and buff the scratch. If this doesn’t work then you need to moisten the scratch with distilled water and then use your finger to work this out of the surface.

Leather is a natural product and it is going to need maintaining in order to keep the beauty of this material. As it ages it will change in characteristics and more of its natural patina will show. Winchester leather sofas are extremely popular within many homes and Winchester Leather has some of the most stunning designs currently available on the market. Why not call us and book an appointment to come and look around our highly exclusive showroom.

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