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* Important Chesterfield Notes

Over a period of time all leather will be inclined to stretch, this may lead to the opening of the pleats, do not worry it is not a fault, it is a common occurrence especially in deep buttoned cushioned upholstery.

The cushions will also form creases, again this is a natural occurrence of the leather as it stretches slightly and in no way affects the quality of the furniture.

Your suite is designed to be sat in comfort, so use it properly for that purpose. Sitting on the edge of cushions or the arms and backs may cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and leather.

If your furniture is in constant use, all reversible cushions should be turned daily and positions changed where possible, this will prevent excessive soiling and wear to one side.

Do not place plastic or rubber materials directly on the wood finish. Chemicals in the plastic and some rubber may soften and thus injure the finish if left in contact with the furniture for a long period of time. To avoid these markings, place a strip of felt, leather, or cork under tray accessories, etc.

The Victoria Chesterfield in Antique Tobacco

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