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How to Care For a Leather Sofa?

Leather sofas are modern, stylish and one of the most elegant types of furniture which you can have in your home. It can be modern, traditional and even retro which makes it extremely popular. At Winchester we offer our customers the traditional British Leather Furniture in particular the well known Chesterfield.

At Winchester we create these fantastic leather sofas which in the past were part of the gracious Victorian life using the same manufacturing techniques but how do you care for a leather sofa? This is a question which many people ask and so here are some top tips from Winchester on how you can ensure your leather is cared for properly.

What you need to do is always ensure that the leather sofa is free from dust and debris. Clean the leather regularly with a dry cloth and vacuum the corners. You need to ensure that it is kept clean and you can do this on a weekly basis. However, if something is ever spilled on it then you should obviously act immediately.

The next point to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t use lots of water, cleaning solvents, soaps or ammonia. This is a common mistake which many make and it will actually result in you disintegrating the surface of the sofa and this cracking and breaking will occur. Even if there are stains try and use the minimum amount of water and never allow for any water to remain stagnant on the surface.

Now you can get leather conditioner which is okay to use on a leather sofa providing that you use it in the right quantity. More often than not conditioners keep the shine to your sofa but they should be used once every 6-12 months otherwise it becomes too much. Check the concentration as most commercial conditioners are in fact to strong for use on a leather sofa so make sure you pick one which is mild.

Everyone loves to get cosy and warm but it’s of great importance that you do not place your leather sofa too close to the fireplace. Leather is the skin of an animal and you should bear this in mind. They don’t like too much heat and it’s no good for skin so ensure that it’s kept away from fire and heat. In addition and for similar reasons ensure that your leather sofa doesn’t sit too closely to a sunny window either.

You’re protective over your spot so make sure you look after it. Wherever your favourite place is for watching TV, reading a magazine or just chilling out then this is going to be the place where wear and tear starts to appear first. You should try and switch spots every now and again but if not make sure your spot is given some extra tender loving care!

Overall leather care comes down to the type of leather and various details concerning it. What you need to do is ask the seller about the leather sofa and they will be able to advise you about cleaning it and what you should to in order to prolong its life.

Winchester Leather has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team and so you can ask us anything about our leather sofas and we are quite happy to discuss it. We can advise you on leather care and how you can get the most when you buy from our product range.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 394433 or email [email protected] alternatively you can come to our showroom.