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How do I Know if my Sofa is Real Leather?

With so many leather sofas on the market currently it is sometimes hard to distinguish between man-made leather sofas and real leather sofas. Real leather chesterfield sofas like the ones at Winchester are noticeably higher in price however, do not be fooled by high prices! Knowing how to identify a real leather sofa can make sure you don’t pay over the odds for fake leather sofa.

There are a number of noticeable differences between real leather chesterfield sofas and cheap leather sofas which are in fact fake leather. If you purchase your leather sofa from us then you can rest assured that what you will get is a real leather sofa not a fake!

Here are some top tips for identifying whether your leather sofa isn’t leather at all:

  • Firstly you should take a look at the furniture tag and see if this identifies the materials which are used in order to manufacture your leather. If any of the following names are used on the tag then unfortunately your sofa is most likely to be fake leather. These include any of the following - faux leather, pleather, leatherette, naugahyde, corfam, ultrasuede, fabikoid, permeable leather, artificial leather or American leather cloth.
  • Secondly if you haven’t found any of the above names on the tag then look at what is and if you have any of the following you can breathe because your sofa is real leather. These include, genuine leather, aninline, nubuck, pigmented, sauvage, suede or bycast leather.
  • Thirdly take a closer look at the seams on the underside of the sofa and how they appear. If they are smooth and plastic then the fabric isn’t real leather you have unfortunately got yourself a fake.
  • Fourthly feel the leather sofa and see how it feels to the touch. Is it soft and pliable or does it feel extremely cold and smooth. Real leather will be softer than fake leather and so this is something to bear in mind when you look for your chesterfield sofa.
  • The fifth point or rather task for you is to “sniff” because if it is real leather you will be able to notice its distinctive smell and this is something which cannot be duplicated in a fake leather sofa design.
  • The sixth check which you can make is to examine the grain patterning on the sofa and if this patterning is arranged in a pattern which is identifiable then it is man-made.

Don’t get caught out paying over the odds for a “leather sofa” especially a “leather chesterfield sofa” which then turns out not to be real leather at all. Purchase your sofa from Winchester Leather and you are guaranteed proper leather that looks, feels and smells just as it should.

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