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Does leather furniture need any special care or cleaning?

No. Leather needs the least care of any upholstery material. For normal household stains, food, gravy, coffee etc, just use a mild soap on a damp cloth. NEVER use a spray polish detergent (including washing up liquids) or saddle soap. For more tips on looking after your leather furniture please read our caring for leather and caring for your suite pages.

How do I know if its real leather?

The feel and luxurious smell of leather cannot be reproduced and as no two hides are exactly alike telltale scars and blemishes will be visible somewhere else on the surface.

Does the sun cause the leather to crack?

No. The surface of real leather allows it to 'breathe', which keeps it cool and supple.

Do scars form a weak point in the hide?

No. In fact healed up scar tissue is actually one of the strongest points in the hide, also visible scars prove beyond doubt that you have real leather and not imitation.

Is some leather better than others?

Yes. Quite simply most imported furniture is made from leather that has had the natural surface removed and replaced by a resin filler thus hiding natural scars and blemishes enabling them to use low grade hides which in the U.K. are rejected.

Will real leather upholstery tear easily along the stitching like imitation leather does?

No. It has proved that real leather is far stronger along stitching than imitations and of course we use only the finest British multifilament threads.

What happens if the cushions lose shape?

When a cushion is sat on it changes shape and the leather covering has to distort under the weight of the sitter. In most cases this is not a problem, but if the user does not dress the cushions correctly the stretching can become creasing and this can lead to damage to the hide surface.