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Fairytale Living Room Ideas For The Real World

With the latest Beauty and the Beast motion picture the must-see movie of the moment; we prepare to fall in love with Belle and the Beast (and who could forget Maurice?!) on 17th March all over again.

Here at Winchester Leather, we thought it only apt to run through some simple ideas on how to create a fairytale living room for those of us living in the real world.

Sure many of us have probably browsed through endless Pinterest boards looking for inspiration on fairytale themed parties, little girl’s bedrooms but you’re never too old to have a fairytale-inspired living space and here’s a few ways on how to achieve one!


Source: houseandgarden.­co.­uk


Statement wallpaper really is a must in any fairytale-themed design. From whimsical woodland animals to Japanese-esque blossoms, trees and sunbirds; heavily influenced by kimono design; here’s the chance to really hone in on the magic of a fairytale by unleashing your inner Alice on her wonderland adventure, Jasmine on her travels through Arabia or Belle and her stay at the Beast’s enchanted castle.

Victoriana prints are beautiful and a little more eclectic if you fancy a change from birds and butterflies. Rather than overwhelming the room by wallpapering each wall, turn your attention to a feature wall or mural wallpaper ensuring the remaining walls are neutral in colour with furniture utilised to provide accents of colour.


Source: Nanda Schwarz

Incorporate Some Velvet

Velvet is truly a sumptuous and extravagant material which makes it fit perfectly into a fairytale themed room. Romantic and fantastical, plus velvet sofas or chairs are a great way to introduce velvet into room décor without making it seem overpowered or too dramatic.

For contrast, be sure to keep light fittings and fixtures simple (you don’t want to overdo it by adding a chandelier!) and keep curtains or drapes lightweight and sheer. Not only with this create a balance in the room but it also ensures that it’s light and airy – perfect for a woodland princess like Snow White!

For those not willing to take the velvet risk in velvet sofas; start by adding some plush velvet cushions as accents, a luxurious velvet chair or some chic velvet drapes to your existing décor.


Add Knick Knacks

Here’s the tricky part. You want it look magical, enchanting and like a real-life Disneyland for adults. You don’t want it to look like a child’s playroom! When choosing your accessories, choose wisely.  Look at your shelving and consider tactile accessories such as a range of fairytales, bound and backed, stacked neatly amongst the shelves.

Also, consider the theme and the time of what you’re looking for. Whilst Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast all involve enchanted homes or castles in the middle of the wilderness, incorporate accessories matching to this theme; ornamental birds, pretty bouquets of woodland flowers and chunky cable knit throws, a Pinocchio-inspired home would look altogether a little different.

In this case, think about introducing some carefully placed wooden toys, a wall dedicated to authentic-looking cuckoo clocks (whether they work is completely optional!) and a slightly more rustic approach – including varying bright picture frames and even artwork dedicated to toys or Pinocchio himself.

Again, when looking to Aladdin for inspiration, it’s important to capture the essence of the Middle East. From Moroccan lamps to traditional sconces and exotic golds, the key is to create a palace-style effect with playful nods to the fairytale (including the infamous genie’s lamp, of course!).