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Come and Visit Our Showroom!

Looking at our various product ranges and seeing the stunning designs is one thing but sometimes our customers like to see the chesterfield sofa they are planning on purchasing in real life so they can touch it and imagine what it will look like in their own homes which is why we invite people to come to our showroom.

We have a spacious showroom which we want to invite our customers to come speak to our staff and take a look at the various ranges we have to offer. Winchester is open Monday to Friday from 9am till 4pm; all you need to do is book an appointment by contacting us on 01254 394433.

Once your appointment is booked then we will look forward to meeting you. It is at this appointment when we will take the time out in order to specify your exact requirements. We will have a large selection of leather samples for you to take a look at but in the meantime you can request a swatch.

It is at this appointment where you can ask any questions which you may have in regards to our chesterfield sofas and you can even see how and where we make them as everything is done in house using the traditional methods.

When looking for a high quality chesterfield sofa you need to take a look at our full product range. We have a wide selection to suit all tastes and if you cannot find something you are looking for then why not take advantage of our bespoke chesterfield sofas. You can have them in any size, shape or style as well as in a varying colours and types of leather.

Our personal favourite from the tailor made section is the Wilton Brown and Beige which is absolutely stunning.

For more information and to book a showroom appointment then please do call us on 01254 394433 or email [email protected].