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Chesterfield Grosvenor Leather Sofa

Chesterfield Grosvenor Leather Sofa


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Standard Product Specification


The sofa seat interiors are fully foam.
Individually hand studded, and buttoned. Available with buttoned seats as shown or cushion seat as standard.
Chesterfield sofas are available with solid wooden bun feet.
Serpentine high tensile zig zag springs.
Frames constructed from solid hardwood.
All cushions are zipped and removable.



Other Product Info


Individual seating as standard. i.e. 3 seater has 3 cushions, 2 seater has 2 cushions etc.
All pieces individually hand antiqued. Minimum, Standard or Maximum rub can be specified on order.
Chesterfield sofas have a firmer foam package than the contemporary leather sofas.



Width (Cm)
Depth (Cm)
Low Back Chair
 125  99               82 
2 Seater
 195  99  82
3 Seater
 225  99  82
4 Seater
 255  99  82


Aniline - Oil Pull Up
Forest Brown is a heavily distressed, dull and oily type of leather. Extra fat liquors are applied during tanning, to give the leather its damp oily finish. Additionally the leather is tanned in such a way as to highlight the natural marks and scars found in the hide. Marks are treated to darken them, so that they show clearly through to the topcoat.
Semi Aniline - Waxed Pull Up
The Forest Semi Aniline range is a lightly buffed; pull-up leather finished with a blend of oils and waxes to achieve a cracked, almost distressed finish with a slight pull-up effect.
Corrected - Full Grain    
The Forest corrected grain range is made on better quality corrected grain hides and finished with a pigmented topcoat, which is lightly embossed with an artificial grain pattern. It has a smoother tighter grain finish than most other corrected grain leather and offers good light fastness and stain resistance. The Forest corrected grain range is a soft leather with excellent durability. Aver 30 colours are available in the corrected grain range, please contact the sales office for specific sample requests.
Antique - Full Grain
Antique Rub off is a variety of pigmented leather where the surface is made more attractive by the application of a contrasting topcoat, which can be partially removed (rubbed off) to reveal the underlying colour. Used most commonly on Chesterfield Sofas to create the ages antique effect shown off beautifully on the Baron.

Pure Aniline - Full Grain

Premium Leather Range

*Newcastle is a full grain, pure aniline leather, finished with a blend of oils to achieve a pull-up effect and a glossy finish. Newcastle comes into it’s own when used on tightly upholstered applications as the colour changes on the furniture creating a classic “old saddle” appearance. Healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles will be apparent throughout these hides. This premium leather is generally used on signature pieces such as the Balmoral sofa which is shown in Newcastle Tan.
LEATHER GUIDE              
  • Aniline Oil Based Pull Up - Bearing all original marks and scars of the hide, the most natural of the available leathers. A full thickness leather that is also soft to touch. This leather will also absorb minor scratches and is a naturally marking leather. Aniline dyed to create a natural variation in colour throughout the hide ensuring that no two pieces are the same. Like all Pull-Up leathers, Forest Brown will not have a consistent colour density across the whole hide and is designed to change colour when pulled or stretched. This means that furniture will have a much more relaxed and aged look from new.
  • Semi Aniline Waxed Pull Up - Bearing all original marks and scars of the leather but with a waxed based coat. This leather will not mark as the full aniline, and has a smooth surface touch. Natural colour variation throughout the hide, but less variation that the full aniline. Semi Aniline is highly sought of because of its ability to appear like full aniline and because it is perhaps slightly easier to maintain. These pull-up leathers are tanned to ensure a pleasing distressed finish. Extra fat liquors are applied during tanning in a way to give the leather a waxy feel. The leathers are designed to allow the natural variations of the leather to show through the finished coat. Pull up leathers do not have a consistent colour density across the whole hide. They are also designed to change colour when pulled or stretched.
  • Corrected Full Grain Leather - Durable and easily maintained. The leather undergoes a number of processes to colour, and seal the leather. An easily wipeable surface and an array of colours are available in this leather. What is gained in durability is lost in the distressed characteristics of the leather.
  • Antique Leather - Durable full leather, the has a dark top coat that is uniquely hand rubbed after upholstery. The rubbing of the leather lifts the top coat revealing the underlying colour and is rubbed in areas to create the worn antique effect you can see in our Chesterfield sofas.


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